About The art

barrel fractal top.jpg

My name is Tim Schuett and I am a woodworking artist located in Iowa City, Iowa, GO HAWKS!

I have a passion to create unique furniture and art pieces.  Most of all I love to ZAP those works with high voltage electricity to create unique and beautiful fractal patterns burnt into the wood.  These very intricate and amazing looking burns are also know as "Electric Trees."

Fractal patterns are found all around us in nature. So much so you probably don't even notice their chaotic and repetitive patterns.  They are found in mountain ranges, watershed systems, hurricanes, lightning, clouds, seashells and much much more!

In respect of these Electric Tree designs I try to use only re-purposed, salvaged or reclaimed wood in order to lower my impact on our home sweet home, Earth.  No need to buy new material when there are so many old chairs and tables that can be re-purposed to create new pieces, so many construction site dumpsters full of wood that can be saved from the landfill, and too many disregarded barns or homes left for dead with so much history and wood that can be brought back to life.

To truly understand how I ZAP the would with electricity please visit my video page for a quick peak into this beautifully dangerous process. 

It all started when...

One day my roommate sent me some pics of Fractal Wood Art. I found this art form extremely unique and beautiful so, I decided I wanted to create my own.  Day by day and month by month I have learned to better control the High Voltage Electricity I send through the wood medium.  I began with small simple rectangular wall art.  I am now able to cutout intricate designs and build unique furniture. I am working more and more with different ways to bring vibrant colors into my work, which for me is very exciting! 
So, if you think you have an idea for something new for me to make, or even a recreation of something you see on my site, send me an email and lets do it!